The Mondongo Art Group  Beautifully Works with Texture and Color

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The Mondongo art group is composed of three talented artists named Juliana Laffitte, Manuel Mendanha and Agustina Picasso.

This show marks yet another radical excursion into the possibilities of pushing sculpture in new directions. This series of constructed floats or expansive assemblages has a clear relation to a carnivalesque spirit but, at the same time, is also full of their characteristic appropriated imagery and acid social comment.

'Mondongo' has resorted to the fairy story on other occasions as a means of presenting an allegory of Argentinean society, picking up on the moral content of the Victorian children’s story but subverting it through classic postmodern strategies: irony and appropriation. One of their earlier series dealt with an endlessly multiplied Red Riding Hood who wandered the parks and Japanese gardens of the city escaping and perhaps provoking the threats of a lecherous male world. Their work always cuts and comments, parodies and imagines. On this occasion Manuel Mendanha and Juliana Lafitte have turned to a blending of two classic fairy stories: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Both figures are emblematic of white purity and innocence and, as such, easy victims of postmodern irony. Juliana herself serves as a model for this figure.

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